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  • ATEX transmitters available.
  • Inexpensive, effective and durable.
  • Deep-Water ROV pig tracking
  • Immediate hire availability in Aberdeen!
  • Smallest pig tracking transmitter in the world!

CDI manufactures a wide variety of pipeline pig tracking and signaling equipment for onshore, offshore and subsea.

If you're new to CDI's products we recommend that you start by having a look at our Full Line Catalog. It gives a great overview of the broad range of equipment that we design and manufacture. We also can assist with custom transmitters and tracking equipment!


Our pipeline pig location and tracking equipment is the easiest to use on the market and it's sold worldwide. Contact CDI or one of our fantastic distributors today!


Almost all of CDI's products are available for rent. Rental systems which become sales receive a discount from the retail price! Contact CDI for more information.

CDI has partnered with STR in Aberdeen and Great Yarmouth to deliver a full hire fleet in the UK!
ROV Integrated Tracking

MANTIS 820 is a 3-frequency deep-water tracking system that transmits data up the ROV cable.


Low cost tracking receivers with CDI's renowned durability, functionality and accuracy.


GPS Color-coded tracking of 7 frequencies, MFL magnetizers or legacy tansmitters.