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CD42-STS Subsea Diver/ROV
Pig Tracking System


The CD42-STS allows for subsea tracking of moving pigs and locating stationary or stuck pigs equipped with CDI's standard line of electromagnetic transmitters.  The CD42-STS diver and ROV tracking system does not use radioactive isotopes.


The CD42-STS may be deployed below the ocean to depths of up to to 8,0000ft (2,439m) and is designed to be either carried by a diver or ROV.  The CD42-STS is a reliable, field-proven system with many successful deployments around the world.


Utilizing CDI's popular portable receiver design, the CD42-STS may be used to locate and track any type of pig: foam, uni-cast or metal-bodied, even ILI tools along the ocean bottom.

A series of bright LED's give the operator a clear indication of transmitter strength whether the transmitter is passing the receiver or an ROV is searching for a stationary or stuck pig. Safe, simple and reliable.

Devices Detected:

EM Transmitters


36.5 Inches [927mm]


6 Inches [152mm]

Battery Life:

60 Hours (2.5 days)

Max Depth:

8,000 feet (2,438 meters)

Max Pressure:

3,560 psi (245 bar)


Fishtail ROV Handles:

The CD42-STS can be fitted with an optional ROV handle for easy utilization offshore with ROVs.

ROV Fishtail Handle for CD42-STS

Close Proximity Antenna:

The CPA antenna allows the detection of any number of pigs in subsea pig launchers. This is useful during the subsea launching and receiving of many pigs as it allows the system to distinguish pigs in very close proximity to one another without cross-interference from adjacent pigs.

CD42-STS Close Proximity Antenna





Materials and craftsmanship are warranted for a period of one year.