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Note: This transmitter model has been obsoleted and is no longer available to purchase. This information on this web page has been left as a reference for existing owners of this product.

CDI has obsoleted this transmitter model in favor of our newer stainless steel designs. We suggest that our customers use our powerful X300-4C or X300-5C instead. The X300 transmitters are thinner, lighter, have greater range, better battery life, are user-programmable, and are available in ATEX / IECEx.


CD42-T1 Transmitter (8" - 28")

The CD42-T1 is the workhorse of the CDI line of 22Hz transmitters.  It is enclosed in a tough Nylon housing machined in-house by CDI.  It can be mounted in or on almost any type of pipeline pig and is recommended for pipeline diameters from 8" to 28".  This transmitter is guaranteed to operate for a minimum of 500 hours on 6 AA-Cell batteries.


The tiny computer in the CD42-T1 allows you to easily switch between three stock transmission patterns, or if you're tracking a train of pigs the transmitter can be programmed to create any number of unique and easily identifiable patterns.


Whether rented or purchased, the CD42-T1 comes with:


• Nylon-cased transmitter
• Removable aluminium flange kit
• 6 alkaline 1.5V AA-Cell batteries
• Spare O-rings
• Spare snap rings

Line Sizes:

8" - 28"  [203mm - 305mm]


2,500 PSI [172 bar]


11.00" [279.5mm]


3.0" [76.2mm]

Battery Life:

6) AA-Cell Type, 1.5V
500 Hours STANDARD PULSE (Alkaline, 1.5V)
678 Hours SKIP ONE PULSE(Alkaline)
Programable run times of up to to 12 months on 6 Alkaline AA-Cell batteries.




45 Feet Open Air Alkaline


-40 °F to 140 °F
[-40 °C to 60 °C]


Snap ring plug

Dimensional Drawings


Materials and craftsmanship are warranted for a period of one year.