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CD42-T1AVHP-SWX Pressure Switch Activation Kit

The CD42-SWX Pressure Switch Kits are retrofittable caps which fit to CDI's existing line of pipeline pig tracking transmitters and provide them with the capability of being switched ON at customer-defined pipeline pressures. This behavior is useful whenever the precise date of pig deployment is unknown and battery conservation is critical.  Power consumption when switched OFF is zero.

Providing the CD42-SWX as a retrofittable cap to existing transmitter designs provides a great amount of deployment flexibility to the customer; he may choose to purchase a CD42-SWX kit to enchance a transmitter which he already owns, or he may purchase a pressure-activated transmitter and swap to a standard cap once his job is over.


Latching or Non-Latching

The ON activation of the transmitter may be either latching or non-latching as the customer desires by simply flipping a small internal switch.  Latching behavior causes the transmitter to turn ON and remain ON once the activation pressure is reached the first time.  Non-Latching behavior causes the transmitter's ON state to follow pipeline pressure: the transmitter will turn ON when the pressure is above the set-point and turn OFF when it falls below the set-point.

  • High pressure transmitter
  • As high as 10,000 psi available

Used With Transmitter:


Activation Pressure Range:

15 - 3,000 PSI [1 - 207 bar]


Within 3% of activation pressure

Max PSI of Associated Transmitter:

7,500 PSI [517 bar]




Dimensional Drawings


Materials and craftsmanship are warranted for a period of one year.