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CD49-LC ILI Transmitter

The CD49-LC transmitter coil is designed for use in inline inspection (ILI) tools in the range of 24" diameter and smaller. This transmission coil requires a separate electronics driver board to function. This allows placement of driver electronics and transmission coil in different parts of the ILI tool.


This transmitter coil provides leads for ON/OFF, continuous/pulsing, and power to be connected to the CD49-PCB driver board.

Coil Type Input Voltage Test Coil Voltage Input Current
CD49-LC Volts DC mV (RMS) In Pulsing Mode In Continuous Mode
RMS (A) Peak (A) RMS (A) Peak (A)
+36.00 +299.00 +0.64 +11.00 +0.64 +2.88
+24.00 +198.00 +0.43 +7.28 +0.42 +1.92
+21.00 +173.20 +0.36 +6.40 +0.36 +1.68



Materials and craftsmanship are warranted for a period of one year.