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Inspection Tool Transmitter Family

Since 1995 CDI has been designing and manufacturing a family of custom, high-quality location and tracking transmitters for use in inline inspection (ILI) vehicles such as ultrasonic, magnetic flux leakage (MFL) and caliper tools. These transmitters do not normally have a pressure housing, but instead are designed to mount inside of the tool and draw their power from the tool's batteries.


For maximum design flexibility these transmitters can either be "all-in-one" cylinders with flying leads or they can have their driver electronics packaged separately from the coil for maximum use of available space.


The ILI tool's computer can have as much or as little control over ON/OFF functions and emitted pulse pattern as it likes using simple I/O control signals, therefore, it is possible to use a transmitter continuously for AGM work or just SOS signaling only and have it draw mere microamps during a run. Existing transmitter designs accept a voltage range of anywhere from 9-36VDC and have RMS current ranges from 36-638mA.


Our list of ILI users is lengthy, for customer names or to discuss a custom design for your ILI tool, please call CDI at +1(918)258-6068.


ILI Tool Transmitters (Integrated Driver PCB)


ILI Tool Transmitters (Remote Driver PCB)