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NEW Version!

CD52 Bandit Non-Intrusive Pig Signaler with 100%

316 Stainless Steel Construction.

Certifications include ATEX, UKCA and IECEx

II 2G Ex d mb IIB T5 Gb


Harsh environments are a fact of life in the world of energy production.  The CD52-316SS is a fully stainless steel version of CDI’s field-proven and ATEX/IECEx rated CD52 Bandit non-intrusive pig signaler. 

Sporting a new and shorter antenna measuring only 9.5" [241mm] in length, the CD52-316SS system may be deployed into very tight launcher and receiver locations.

The CD52-316SS’s detachable base makes installation simple. Rather than having to contend with the full weight of the system during installation, simply attach the base to the pipeline first and then bolt the antenna assembly to the base. The detachable base also provides a convenient way to retrieve the system for anti-theft or maintenance.

The CD52-316SS provides an either normally open or normally closed dry contact relay closure when pig passages occur, providing a simple and effective integration into existing SCADA systems. Conduit connections are made via standard ¾” NPT or M20 metric connections.

Visual indications include large, clear LCD segments which light upon passages and clear themselves automatically, as well as an optional Remote Indication System which may be seen to 100+ meters.

An optional 316 stainless steel sunshade may be added to the system to provide increased head shedding in deserts and other areas with high levels of direct sunlight. The overall temperature inside the cabinet is reduced, prolonging the life of the electronics (and batteries if used). Marine or other coatings may also be applied to the cabinet by request to further increase the CD52-316SS's corrosion resistance.

Detection Type:

Non-Intrusive, Magnetic

Devices Detected:

CD52 Pig-Mounted Trip Magnets

TRAXALL and CD42 Transmitters

Detection Direction:


Passage Visual Indicator:

LCD flashes for one hour after passage

LCD holds steady for next 11 hours

Auto-Resets (clears itself) at 12 hours

Passage Indication Outputs:

Isolated Dry Contact Closure (Relay) and

4 - 20mA Outputs

Detection Speed:

0.01 meter/sec to 20 meter/sec

Battery Options and
Rated Temp. Ranges:





D-Cells (non-rechargeable, -20°C to +53°C)

D-Cell (non-rechargeble, -40°C to +70°C)
D-Cells (rechargeable, -20°C to +64°C)

Custom Pack (rechargeable, -40°C to +70°C)

External Power Option and
Rated Temp. Range:

24VDC: Line-In (-50°C to +80°C)

Power Requirements:

Base System:

Heater Option:

RIS Option:

0.67 Watts

0.67 Watts (12 Watts Intermittent)

0.67 Watts (1.0 Watts Intermittent)


• CDI recommends Heater Modules when systems are installed in locations which may experience temperatures below -30°C.

• Heat Risers are required when Product Temperature is greater than 80°C to avoid possible damage to antennas.
LineStat satellite notification system operational temperature range is -40°C to 80°C.




Outer: 316 Stainless Steel (tested to IP65)

Inner: Powder Coated Copper-Free Aluminum (rated IP68)


Tempered Glass

System Certifications:

ATEX: II 2G Ex d mb IIB T5 Gb (Certificate)

IECEx: Ex d mb IIB T5 Gb (Certificate)



Line Sizes:

6 inch to 60 inch [152mm to 1524mm]

Pipe Wall Thickness:

Up to 1.5" [38.1mm]
For wall thickness greater than 1" please consult CDI for optimum deployment options.

Pipe Mounting Assembly:

Aluminum (316 Stainless Steel optional)

Banding and Buckles:

201 Stainless Steel (316 Stainless Steel optional)



Contact Closure:

Electrically Isolated
Double Pole - Double Throw.
Closed to indicate a pig passage, opened after 15 seconds
(relay dwell time may be customized at time of order)

Contact Closure Current Capacity:

2 Amps at 30 Volts DC



Total Passage Count:

10 (First In First Out)

Stored Passage Information:

Time and Date of passages. Information is stored through loss of power.



System Design Life:

30 years

Storage Life:

30 years


Sun Shade:

316 Stainless Steel Sun Shade reflects and absorbs/dissipates sunlight, lowering internal heat from sun exposure in desert climates.


Remote Indicator System (RIS):

Provides viewability to a range of 100 meters via 16 super-bright LEDs mounting in the face of the system.

Identification Tags:

Permanent, Engraved 316 Stainless Steel tags affixed to the sytem.

Dimensional Drawings

Materials and craftsmanship are warranted for a period of one year.