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The Modern way to track your pigs while reducing risk.


GlobalTrack works automatically with CDI's AGMs,  or manually with any tracking device to provide real-time pig tracking to any number of project stakeholders.


An encrypted, password protected web portal provides end users with access to this customer-specific historical event data. Previous events may be browsed and numerous reports may be created that allow for statistical analysis of the data. 



Destination email and SMS text addresses may be assigned on a per-group basis allowing “Job A” to be reporting to one group of field personnel simultaneously to “Job B” reporting to a different group of personnel.  Admins and Managers may be assigned special privledges and may receive notifications from all jobs underway if they so choose.




• Real-Time updates for everyone watching

• Full Tracking Sheet reports

• Track up to 3 pigs in the line simultaneously

• Real-Time pig speeds on-screen

• Import KML/KMZ, Shapefile, CSV

• Upload and attache site sketches and photos to AGM trackpoints

• Track along the Centerline

• Attach any number of Notes to AGM trackpoints

• Automatic SMS Text and Email notifications for Launch, Receive, passages, and more... 

• Full Weather Maps including lightning strike notifications

• Project and Run date Scheduler built-in

• Full Google Maps including Map, Satellite and Street View modes


Call today to discuss how GlobalTrack can streamline your pig tracking while reducing risk at the same time!