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LineStat Satellite Pig Tracking & Notification

Satellite Pig tracking on your cell phone? Yes!


TRAXALL LineStat Service LogoCDI’s TRAXALL LineStat is a global, value added satellite based event notification service provided by CDI and targeted primarily to the oil and gas pipeline industry. LineStat provides notification to email addresses and SMS text messaging telephone numbers of remote events from both fixed position and portable equipment. Some of the details included in event notifications messages are date, time, GPS position, battery status, and vibration. This information is transmitted via satellite without use of cellular networks and without needing a wired infrastructure of any kind.


The LineStat service and equipment may be purchased or rented and used with CDI's pig location and tracking products or any other equipment where remote notifications without an infrastructure is desirable.  LineStat can be used with almost any equipment with a signalling output.

As event notification messages from field equipment pass through the LineStat Data Center they are permanently stored in CDI’s secure SQL database on a per-radio and per-customer basis.  As jobs are performed, data accumulates from remote equipment and creates Google Maps fly-over interfaces.


A secure and password protected web portal provides end users with access to this customer-specific historical event data. Previous events may be browsed and numerous reports may be created that allow for statistical analysis of the data.  Using the LineStat web portal, batches of radios may be logically grouped together so that different jobs can be separated from one another for reporting purposes.

Satellite Notification Pig Tracking to your iPhone


Destination email and SMS text addresses may be assigned on a per-group basis allowing “Job A” to be reporting to one group of field personnel simultaneously to “Job B” reporting to a different group of personnel.  Admins and Managers may be assigned special privledges and may receive notifications from all jobs underway if they so choose.


LineStat is built upon the existing Globalstar low earth orbit satellite network which has global viewability as shown below. The Globalstar network has been in service since 1999 and with over 315,000 subscribers is the world’s largest provider of mobile satellite voice and data services.


Globalstar / LineStat Coverage Map


The small, battery powered radios require no external antenna or cellular accounts, run for years, and can be mixed and matched with all of our CDI's products.  Class I, Division I Intrinsic safety rating is standard.


LineStat Satellite Radio

The TRAXALL LineStat model SR100 Satellite Radio


How the LineStat Service Works

The LineStat service provides satellite notifications of pig passages or other field events to end users via emails, text messages or by logging in to the LineStat web portal.

As field equipment is triggered, raw satellite events are received and processed by the LineStat data servers.  Among other things these raw events contain the date, time and GPS coordinates of the remote passage location.  The trigger data is stored permanently in the CDI's secure LineStat SQL database and then further processed into informative email notifications and sent to the destination email and text messaging address(es) associated with that specific radio.


LineStat Satellite Pig Passing Notification Sequence


The email and text messages produced by the LineStat servers include the time, date and GPS coordinates.  These emails are further enchanced with Google Earth satellite imagery of the trigger location.  If the user desires, he may click on the image in the email and be taken to the interactive Google Earth location.


As work is performed emails will arrive showing the locations.  This series of emails can be used to monitor remote equipment or for managers to follow the progress of work underway.



LineStat provides a unique pre-pay pricing structure that allows for satellite radios and the LineStat messaging service to be purchased with a single fixed-fee.  End users are not burdened with a monthly service fee from the Globalstar carrier.  This allows the radios and messaging to be purchased as if it were a fixed capital expenditure rather than a service requiring ongoing monthly fees.

CDI takes care of all of the monthly billing, setup and configuration work that often presents itself as a barrier to ownership with equipment of this kind, and customers do not have reoccurring expenditure justifications to their management.

The standard radio purchase plan includes two years of fully paid satellite service through Globalstar and CDI’s LineStat service with up to 100 messages per month, per radio (3.3 msg/day avg for each radio).  An unlimited number of emails or text messages can be sent from a single event trigger requiring no additional fee.  Message bundles and service durations can be upgraded to higher quantities at any time by contacting CDI.




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