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X300-2C Transmitter (6" - 12")

X300-2C FieldLink AntennaMulti-Frequency TRAXALL Transmitter

The X300-2C is a TRAXALL compatible electromagnetic transmitter which has both programmable frequency and power control through CDI's proprietary FieldLink wireless communications system.


Frequency Control

Frequency control allows the operator to configure the transmitter to one of TRAXALL's 7 colorized frequencies, or the industry standard 22Hz legacy frequency for backward compatibility with CDI's CD42 receiver or competitive receivers.


Power Control

Power control allows the operator to directly manage the tradeoff between range of the transmitter versus its battery life. For short runs the output power (transmitter strength) can be set to maximum at the expense of battery life, and for long runs the same transmitter could have its output power reduced to achieve extraordinary battery life. Power may be varies from 20% to 100% of maximum using CDI's FieldLink Configurator program.



FieldLink Wireless Configuration CompatibleFieldLink is CDI's proprietary wireless communications network. Each X300-2C transmitter comes with a built-in radio frequency antenna (pictured above). By connecting to the transmitter with our proprietary radio frequency USB key (sold separately), any Windows PC or laptop can wirelessly communicate to and configure the transmitter.


Operating pressure is rated at 2,500 PSI [172 bar] with a user-configurable battery life.


Whether rented or purchased, the X300-2C comes with:


• Flanged stainless steel X300-2C transmitter

• 2 Alkaline 1.5V Type C-Cell batteries

• Spare O Rings


Devices covered under United States Patent 9172406 and Canadian Patent 2850115. European Patents applied for.

Line Sizes:

6" - 12" [152mm - 305mm]


2,500 PSI [172 bar]


5.765" [146.5mm]


1.74" [44.2mm]

Battery Life:

22Hz Pulsing Mode: 1,000 hours at 100% power

Continuous/TRAXALL Mode: 288 hours at 100% power

Note: Battery life varies based upon output power selected,
pulse/continuous mode and frequency selected.


304 Stainless Steel


39 Feet Open Air with alkaline batteries at 100% power

Note: Range varies based upon output power selected.


-40 °F to 140 °F [-40 °C to 60 °C]


Knurled Screw Off Caps


Dimensional Drawings

See the FieldLink Configurator page for the latest version of the configuration software.

Materials and craftsmanship are warranted for a period of one year.