Maximizing Productivity: A Comprehensive Solution with CDI's GlobalTrack and Qube AGM

CDI’s Qube AGM and GlobalTrack cloud system work together to provide real-time tracking and data availability for pipeline pigging projects. The Qube AGM is an advanced tool that can detect the passages of pipeline pigs equipped with MFL magnetizers, EM transmitters, or simply acoustically with its built-in geophone. It comes with advanced features, comprehensive communication options, and real-time tracking capabilities, making it an invaluable tool for tracking tools and maintaining full visibility of run progress.

The Qube AGM is equipped with international LTE cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth for seamless connectivity, ensuring fast and reliable communication with no excuses. Additionally, the affordable and low cost-per-message satellite expansion module enables satellite communication as a fallback to cellular, providing a complete solution for all communication needs.

Once the Qube AGM detects pig passages, it automatically uploads them to CDI’s GlobalTrack cloud system for viewing and saving. This can be accomplished using either cell or satellite connectivity options, providing users with reliable and flexible communication choices. The GlobalTrack cloud system provides users with real-time remote pipeline pig tracking, event notifications, job scheduling, inventory management, and highly automated, customizable, and attractive reporting.

GlobalTrack works best through automated input from CDI’s tracking equipment over cellular or satellite services, but the system is hardware-agnostic and can be used equally well with manual tracking sheet time input. For companies performing fieldwork, GlobalTrack provides value to everyone involved in the workflow, from the earliest stages of inventory, planning, and scheduling to its real-time field tracking views for employees and customers, to the creation and finalization of the digital report deliverables.

Overall, the Qube AGM and GlobalTrack cloud system are a powerful combination for anyone in the pipeline pigging industry. They offer advanced features, flexibility, and real-time tracking capabilities that are sure to enhance project safety, productivity, and cost savings.

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