Cellular, Satellite, WiFi and Bluetooth

Robust connectivity is key to Qube's feature-set and live-tracking capabilities.

Expansion Slots

With the Qube's four expansion slots, the possibilities for customization and enhanced performance are virtually endless.

One Button Operation

Just one button to ARM/DISARM the Qube makes it simple to use for experienced and inexperienced operators alike.

Bright Indications

Passages are indicated by bright flashing LEDs on the top and two sides of the Qube.

Built-In Geophone

A geophone built into every Qube means hassle-free audio and faster deploy and recovery times.


Qube: The new global standard for pipeline pigging AGMs

LTE Cellular

LTE is a modern, low power cell system enabling long battery life, low-cost, and reliable communication.

Internal Geophone

Stream audio through GlobalTrack or Bluetooth with built-in geophone. Always there, always online, never tangled.

Iridium Satellite

Iridium satellite connectivity for remote operation is a simple and inexpensive plug-in expansion card.

Expansion Slots

Maximum flexibility with four expansion slots that safeguard and future-proof your investment.

  • Cutting edge connectivity with LTE Cellular, Iridium Satellite,
    Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • An international SIM card is standard equipment, giving access to 540 carrier networks in over 180 countries
  • Built-In geophone attaches audio to passage recordings and streams to GlobalTrack in your browser
  • One-button operation makes training and hand-off a breeze
  • Data transfers secured using TLS 1.3 with robust symmetric-key encryption and enhanced SHA-256 integrity protection
  • Rechargeable lithium ion batteries use standard USB-C cabling
  • Operating temperature range of -40° to +85°C
  • Waterproof polycarbonate chassis designed for the rigors of the pipeline
  • Firmware over-the-air updates mean that the Qube always has the latest features & fixes

Qube: The World’s Most Advanced AGM

Qube is the industry’s most advanced AGM. It can confidently and accurately detect the passages of pipeline pigs equipped with MFL magnetizers, EM transmitters, or simply acoustically with its built-in geophone. But Qube is much more than just an AGM. Its advanced features, comprehensive communication options, and real-time tracking capabilities through GlobalTrack make it an invaluable tool for precisely tracking tools and maintaining full visibility of run progress.

Stay Connected, Stay Productive

In business today we demand fast and reliable communication with no excuses. That’s why every single Qube is equipped with an international LTE cell modem, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. For projects beyond cellular coverage, our cost-effective Iridium satellite expansion module offers satellite communication as a dependable alternative, ensuring you have a comprehensive solution regardless of where your work takes you.

Automatic Data Transfers

The Qube instantly transmits tool passage data, including magnetic imagery, geophone audio, GPS time, date, and position, to CDI’s GlobalTrack cloud service through its fully encrypted cell modem, Wi-Fi, or satellite modules. This process eliminates the need for an end-of-run download phase, ensuring that the run report is immediately available as soon as the tool is trapped. Once the last tool passage has been recorded, the devices can be switched off and stored away—there’s nothing more to do.

No SIM Cards to Manage

Every Qube arrives pre-installed with an international SIM card with unlimited data, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity in over 180 countries across 540 cellular service providers. There’s no need for time-consuming SIM swaps or managing multiple carrier subscriptions. The Qube’s SIM card supports over-the-air updates to ensure compatibility with new carriers and countries as they are added, maintaining seamless global access without any manual intervention.

Flexibility and Expandability

The Qube is designed with four expansion slots, offering exceptional versatility for a broad range of add-ons including remote antennas, I/O expansions, solar chargers, SCADA outputs, and more. This flexibility and modularity ensure that your investment is protected, providing a scalable upgrade path for future enhancements. Ideal for CDI or customer-driven accessory modules, the Qube adapts to meet evolving needs and technological advancements, securing its utility for years to come.

Real-Time Tracking and Data Availability

CDI’s Qube and GlobalTrack cloud service work together to provide real-time tracking and instantaneous data availability for any number of stakeholders on desktop and mobile. All stakeholders can access the tool’s location, view real-time sensor data, and even listen to Qube’s live geophone audio over the internet right in their browsers, from anywhere in the world.

Invest in Qube for Your Pipeline Needs

Whether you’re in the oil and gas industry, water/wastewater, new construction, or any other industry that relies on tracking tools through pipelines, Qube is the advanced tool you need. Its features, connectivity options, and real-time tracking capabilities make it an indispensable asset for anyone who needs to clean or inspect pipelines. Invest in Qube today and stay ahead of your competition.

Specification Qube AGM
Tool Passage
Detection Methods
• MFL Magnetizers
Any industry-standard 22Hz tracking transmitter
• Any of CDI’s seven additional TRAXALL tracking transmitter frequencies
• Geophone Audio
Expansion Slots 4 Slots; used for CDI or customer-driven accessory modules
Battery Life 7 Days for base system (approximate)
Battery life is impacted by number of recordings/uploads per day, environmental temperature, number and type of options installed and other factors.
Battery Chemistry Lithium Ion (fully internal, rechargeable via USB-C)
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C (Industrial)
Geophone Internal to all units, live-streaming capable
Internal Storage 64GB solid-state device (SSD)
Firmware Update Method Automatically downloaded and installed when device is not assigned to a project
Internal GNSS (GPS)
Receiver Accuracy
2.5 meters horizontal accuracy (CEP)
Concurrent reception of GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou satellite constellations
Timing accuracy of 20 nanoseconds RMS
Communication Methods Standard: Cellular LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Optional: Iridium Satellite
User Interface Single Arm/Disarm button on device, all else through our GlobalTrack Web Service
Encryption End-to-end encryption with TLS 1.3 symmetric-key
Chassis Material Custom-molded, water-tight polycarbonate
Dimensions 11.1 x 7.1 x 5.0 inches [283 x 181 x 127 millimeters]
General Arrangement Drawing
Weight 5.0 pounds [2.26 kilograms]

Optional Equipment Images Use
Low Profile
Vault & Manhole
Cellular Antenna
Used when the Qube AGM needs to be placed underground, in a valve vault or beneath manholes. Designed to survive being struck by vehicular traffic when properly installed.
Solar Panel
Charging System
Used to field-charge a Qube device.
This solar charging solution is not weatherproof.
Netting Kits
Bracket and camouflage netting that attaches to and conceals the Qube AGM. Recommended when devices are left unmanned on the right-of-way and theft and vandalism are a concern. Available in many patterns and colors.

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