Key Points
  • The Qube + GlobalTrack system transcends traditional AGM solutions and other live-tracking platforms by offering a fully integrated solution that combines hardware with a powerful cloud-based platform.
  • Real-time data visibility and global access to information through GlobalTrack breaks down data silos and empowers managers anywhere to make informed decisions.
  • The Qube AGM’s versatile detection methods (MFL, Transmitters, geophone) make it compatible with a wide range of pipeline pigs and inspection tools.
  • The system’s focus on automation, intuitive interfaces, and remote management greatly reduces the need for specialized expertise, training, and on-site manpower.
  • GlobalTrack’s advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities enable proactive maintenance strategies and minimize false positives, reducing unnecessary interventions and downtime.
  • Safety is prioritized through the integration of real-time weather data and lightning warnings within the GlobalTrack platform.
  • Client access to GlobalTrack for project monitoring increases transparency, improves communication, and enhances overall project efficiency.

Qube AGM and GlobalTrack: Greater than the Sum of its Parts

Pipeline pigging plays a critical role in ensuring pipeline integrity. However, traditional pigging methods often suffer from limitations in data collection, analysis, and real-time visibility. Here we explore the Qube Above Ground Marker (AGM) and GlobalTrack system, highlighting how their synergistic design supersedes the capabilities of standalone hardware solutions and other competitive “live tracking” systems. We examine the individual strengths of each component and demonstrate how their combined functionality elevates pipeline pigging to a new standard of efficiency, data-driven decision making, and operational optimization.

Traditional AGM Tracking and its Limitations

Pipeline cleaning and inspections and the integrated results of AGMs are crucial for pipeline health, traditional AGM methods face challenges:

Limited Real-Time Insights: Data retrieval from standalone AGMs takes place only after the run. It can also be time-consuming, hindering real-time decision making and response to potential issues.

Data Silos and Disparate Tools: Data may reside in various software programs or physical storage locations, impeding collaboration and comprehensive analysis.

Labor-Intensive Processes: Manual downloads, device configuration, and esoteric manual data analysis can strain operational resources.

Reactive Maintenance Strategy: Reliance on post-run analysis often leads to a reactive approach to tracking issues, potentially resulting in unnecessary downtime or even reruns.

Introducing the Qube AGM and GlobalTrack System

The Qube AGM and GlobalTrack Live-Tracking cloud application are two halves of a tightly integrated system. Let’s examine the unique strengths of each component:

The Qube AGM: Advanced Data Acquisition and User-Centric Design

Versatile Detection Methods: The Qube AGM is compatible with multiple detection technologies including MFL magnetizers, industry-standard 22Hz transmitters, CDI’s seven additional TRAXALL frequencies and even plain geophone audio. This flexibility expands the Qube’s application in a number of various scenarios.

Onboard Analysis and Confidence Levels: The Qube’s software analyzes pig passage information from these multiple sources and assigns the passage a confidence level of 0-100%. GlobalTrack in turn immediately and automatically pulls any passage above 70% into the live run over cell, Wi-Fi or satellite in real time.

Intuitive Interface and Remote Configuration: Field personnel can arm and disarm the Qube AGM quickly via its single-button interface and remotely manage settings through GlobalTrack. This minimizes training of field personnel and reduces time on-site.

GlobalTrack: A Cloud-Based Platform for Centralized Data Management and Advanced Analytics

Global Pipeline View: GlobalTrack provides a real-time, map-based view of all deployed Qube AGMs, enabling managers to monitor pigging operations from anywhere in the world for situational awareness.

Instant Data Flow and Secure Storage: Pig tracking and AGM-specific data flows instantly and securely to GlobalTrack, eliminating manual data retrieval steps and ensuring long-term data archival.

Collaborative Workspace: GlobalTrack allows authorized team members and clients controlled access to tracking data, facilitating collaboration and analysis from different locations.

Advanced Analytics and Refinement: GlobalTrack incorporates machine learning algorithms to identify patterns, anomalies, and potential issues. It also intelligently retrieves high-confidence data from Qube AGMs, significantly minimizing false positives.

Synergy in Action

The power of this system lies in the seamless integration of the Qube AGM and GlobalTrack. Together, these two components of this system provide operators and tracking companies with:

Real-Time Visibility and Global Collaboration:

GlobalTrack’s map visualization tracks Qube AGMs worldwide, allowing remote monitoring and collaboration of field operations and analysis in real-time.

Project managers can quickly assess pigging progress, identify potential problems, and adjust schedules accordingly, even from different time zones.

Streamlined Operations and Reduced Manpower:

The Qube’s intuitive interface reduces both initial training and skill refresher needs for field personnel, lessening the need for specialized expertise.

Pre-deployment allows crews to place Qube AGMs in advance of pig runs, optimizing personnel scheduling and reducing man-hours on-site required during a project.

Data-Driven, Proactive Maintenance:

GlobalTrack has the ability to analyze historical pigging data alongside current results, providing insights into trends that can inform preventive maintenance.

Potential issues are flagged early, allowing operators to avoid costly repairs or unplanned downtime through timely intervention.

Properly outfitted, GlobalTrack can provide run-time information about the state of the tools in the pipe or the pipeline itself.

Enhanced Safety and Transparency:

Real-time weather overlays (including lightning warnings) are integrated into GlobalTrack to assist with critical safety decisions about deployment and operations.

Clients can be granted observer-level access into GlobalTrack tool runs, fostering trust and improving project communication and efficiency.


The Qube AGM and GlobalTrack system are more than just integrated components; they represent a new paradigm in pipeline pigging. This system brings run-time information to decision makers, regardless of where they are. This system offers:

  • Unmatched Real-Time Visibility and Data Accessibility
  • Streamlined Field Operations and Reduced Manpower Needs
  • Advanced, Data-Driven Analytics and Proactive Maintenance Strategies
  • Enhanced Safety Protocols and Transparency for Stakeholders

By leveraging the combined strengths of the Qube AGM’s data acquisition capabilities and GlobalTrack’s robust data management and analytical prowess, organizations can further optimize pipeline cleaning and inspections, reduce operational costs, and elevate pipeline management to a new level of efficiency and effectiveness.

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